Research update

This research update is particularly useful for secondary school teachers as it focuses on resources for the A level and GCSE that are based on current research. The first article discusses the unique contributions made by four female British philosophers to the field of moral philosophy. This is very useful for those engaged in teaching the ethics section of the A level in particular, as these women provide useful insights to numerous topics covered in this specification. The second article focuses on the work of Dr Ryan Mullins, who researches topics within the field of the philosophy of religion, especially the concept of God and time. He has produced numerous articles, books and podcasts that support the A level, and further details of these, as well as an exploration of his work, are outlined below. If you have any research that you would like to share with teachers and other professionals (this can be a master’s dissertation, a PhD thesis or a Farmington piece), please do contact me via the email opposite as I would love to hear from you.

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