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What does it look like to green a school from a Christian vision?

Headteacher Imogen Lavelle and Deputy Tamsin Moore-Jaunaii wanted to use the impetus of the Pope’s encyclical letter Laudato Si’ about our care for the Earth as our common home to transform their primary school...

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Seven days before the end: ‘And man said …’

RE Today Editorial Team
This is a story about humankind’s treatment of the Earth since the Industrial Revolution. It is adapted from an unknown source. Compare it with the story of God creating the world in...

For the classroom 11-16
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When Greta Thunberg met Pope Francis

This activity is simple, flexible and potentially profound. A part of good RE around green issues is to consider whether religions have a part to play in climate justice and responding to the climate crisis, and to...

For the classroom 11-16
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5 ways to teach climate change

David G. Kibble, a retired RE teacher, suggests learning activities for your 11–16s. There is an extended version of this article on the RE Today members’ website.

For the classroom 11-16
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Positive Christian engagement with green issues

The Revd Dr Dave Bookless is a former RE teacher. He has lived in multicultural Southall for nearly 30 years, writes and speaks widely, and loves running, Indian food, good wine and wild places.

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Is this our final hour? Or will it be our finest?

REtoday is very glad to have this interview with Jonathan Bartley, Co-Leader of the UK Green Party. Read it with your students and consider the questions at the end of the article. If you send their responses to us...

For the classroom 11-16
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George Monbiot, sacred cows and fundamental change

Other REtoday readers will have been struck, as I have, by the way secular commentators on climate change invoke biblical apocalyptic to support their political arguments. Take, for example, Guardian columnist and...

Instant RE
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Five tweets from the future

We asked pupils to think about how the climate crisis poses some dangers for the world, and to imagine they could send a tweet back to the people of today from far into the future, maybe giving us a warning or a...

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Who is responsible? Educating for ethical considerations of climate change

Dr Laura D’Olimpio, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at the University of Birmingham, argues for a broad-based moral investigation of climate change issues in RE. Laura edits the Journal of Philosophy in...

Instant RE
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If the Earth were only a metre in diameter …

Read this poem (is it a poem?) aloud with your class, and then look at Amelia’s responses to it. She is 12.

The big picture
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THE BIG PICTURE The future of Miami – and our own cities

Show the picture to your pupils and ask them in pairs to discuss what it might show, and what the photo-artist might be thinking about. It is a ‘made up’ photo, by Nikolay Lamm, based on the prediction that global...

Theory and practice
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Sacred landscapes and philosophical gardens: RE as a response to climate change

The world is dealing with two huge crises at the moment. We have the immediate crisis caused by Covid-19 and the continuing ecological crisis caused by greenhouse gases, and we know that young people have increasingly...

Events and resources
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Book review: Timothy Howles, Responding Faithfully to the Environmental Crisis: Christianity in the Time of the Anthropocene

This timely Grove publication explores how faith and prayer relate to social, cultural and political action in light of the climate emergency. Howles’ aim is to add the voice of Christian ethics to the discourse...