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Activist Catholic parishes in the United States and Indonesian eco-jihad: research and critique in religion and climate issues

Professor Robin Veldman is an interdisciplinary environmental studies scholar. Her research examines how religious beliefs and cultural identity shape attitudes toward nature. With methodologies from religious studies...

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L is for Lifestyle

Ruth Valerio’s popular book L is for Lifestyle (IVP 2019, revised edition) is an A–Z of 26 short chapters about Christian green activism. REtoday asked Ruth for an article that would help young people to see how...

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Green religions? Perspectives from world faiths and viewpoints for your students

This issue of REtoday focuses on themes around green issues, environmentalism and climate justice. Our religions and worldviews are rich in exploring these issues and the relation of humanity to the natural world. We...

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Baked Alaska:

These new resources for school RE for students aged 13–18 raise challenging questions about climate justice through video clips from the ‘Baked Alaska’ stage show and provide many free lesson plans and resources...