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Heaven on Netflix? And in RE?

Stacey Burman and Julia Diamond-Conway suggest some clips and RE uses from the hit Netflix show The Good Place, which is set in heaven and written by people who seem to have degrees in philosophical theology. Michael...
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Evil for real The Charlie Hebdo murders

One year ago, our media was dominated by news on attacks on cartoonists and magazine publishers in Paris. As the anniversary of this event is noted, teachers of RE will be asked questions, again, about Islam and terror....
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Why RE matters for primary children

In Year 1 they love nothing more than trying new food, but in Year 6 many are less open to new experiences and unwilling to try things.

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Cultural moral relativism: spitting & rulers

Robert Kirkwood explores the mental frontier between culture and goodness. One morning in a North London school I came across a newly arrived maths teacher from India, in discussion with his Head of Department, about an...