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How is the Jewish faith defended?

Liora is eight. She is a member of the Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue. This is her dad’s prayer shawl, which she is trying out: ‘This is my Dad’s tallit. He wears it when he is praying. I can’t wait until...
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Defending religion?

‘Religions cause wars, don’t they, sir?’ is a familiar refrain in an RE classroom. It is a seductive idea. Students study the Crusades and can take away the idea that this was a Christianity vs. Islam conflict....
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1. Stay positive and be persistent. 2. Know your syllabus and specifications. 3. Articulate RE’s purposes clearly and often. 4. Communicate your passion for RE. 5. Genuinely challenge pupils. This article is for paying subscribers

Defending RE: ten pillars of RE

When you’re working hard to run great RE in your school, the uneven playing field and movable goalposts can get you down. Some teachers of RE excel at defending the subject. Here are ten top tips drawn from their...
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Attack and defend: views from different communities

We asked these questions of people from different faith communities. Their replies are fascinating – and could be used with students aged 14–19. Get them to read two or more of the replies, share and summarise...
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Francis Spufford wrote this best-selling book to explain why he is a Christian, ‘in spite of everything’. Apologetics is the business of defending religion against those who would attack it, and all GCSE RS students...