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REVIEW: Not About Being Good: A Practical Guide to Buddhist Ethics

Subhadramati, Windhorse 2013, 156pp, pbk, £10.99, ISBN 978-1-909314-01-6 Subhadramati’s book is a practical and reflective, rather than academic, guide to ethics that will enable teachers...
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Heaven on Netflix? And in RE?

Stacey Burman and Julia Diamond-Conway suggest some clips and RE uses from the hit Netflix show The Good Place, which is set in heaven and written by people who seem to have degrees in philosophical theology. Michael...
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Thinking harder with senior students: six strong strategies

Helen Norris wanted her A level classes to be more thoughtful. Here are ten of her ideas that worked well. Relevant to other age groups too, we think. Engaging 16–19s with theology, philosophy and ethics is difficult...
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GCSE RS lessons for you from Christian Aid

Watch out for Christian Aid’s brand-new learning resources specifically designed to support teaching Christianity on all GCSE specifications. With the charity named on several specifications, these six lessons address...
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Baked Alaska:

These new resources for school RE for students aged 13–18 raise challenging questions about climate justice through video clips from the ‘Baked Alaska’ stage show and provide many free lesson plans and resources...

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Is it dangerous to outsource everything?

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is this year’s winner of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. When he was awarded the prize, he gave an address which every student of ethics will find interesting. Here is an...