For the classroom 5-11
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‘Greening’ celebrations

Julia Diamond-Conway, RE Adviser with RE Today, shares some ideas for the classroom based upon the fact that religions are seeking greener practices around key festivities.

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Early Years RE provocations: lots of ideas for early learning RE

Pastures Way is a nursery school in Luton, a town rich in religious diversity. In a town full of diversity, teaching of religious studies is important, but even more essential is teaching of acceptance. In the early...
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Showcasing RE

Here we introduce a new series of pages directed at heads, governors or senior leadership teams (SLTs). This edition has a primary focus but over time we will represent both primary and secondary phases of education....
For the classroom 5-11
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‘I will my light my lamp for you’: poetry and festivals of light

For the last year, Horfield Primary has been the UK Literacy Association’s Literacy School of the year! A love of reading and writing is found throughout the school – with many fabulous teaching ideas across all...
For the classroom SEN 5-16
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Multisensory RE for special pupils

Jinny Morgan Lewtas wanted to improve her RE work for her special pupils, so she got all multisensory with the festivities of Easter. There are lessons here for other teachers, both primary and secondary, to learn. Read...
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A Buddhist lantern festival

Recently, over 950 people gathered for a traditional Shinnyo Buddhist lantern floating ceremony at the peaceful, serene Shinnyo-en Buddhist Centre in Long Ditton in Kent. As well as lantern floating, there was Buddhist...