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Reflective storytelling with 6- and 12-year-olds

Kathryn Taylor works with pupils of both primary and secondary age. Her use of reflective storytelling methods shows an interesting progression in learning and thinking across the age groups. Reflective storytelling for...
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An icon of saintly courage

George and the dragon Julie Grove, REtoday editorial team member, shares ideas to enable the exploration of evil through a story for younger primary pupils. St George is the epitome of all that is good and brave in his...
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Inside a faith

1. Please mention a story from your religion/belief that meant a lot to you as a child, and say why.
2. What story or stories do you think children should know about from the origins of your...

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How to tell a faith story well

Every day we are ‘storied’. We all live by stories – indeed, our lives are stories – but for them to mean something we have to be inside them; otherwise they are merely words. When we achieve that synergy, we...