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Learning to live together

Robin Richardson wants you to think about whether we should engage with the nasty devils of British values or not. His article articulates three voices from inside your head. All three are probably worth listening to! My...
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Baked Alaska:

climate justice RE from Riding Lights Theatre Company for GCSE RS sections on green issues

Instant RE
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The value of LOVE: learning in the Reception class

St Chad’s CE (VC) Nursery and Infant School in Derby has been doing some work on values with children in the Reception class. Executive Head Teacher Jonathan Gallimore uses the acronym ‘LOVE’ to stand for...
For the classroom 5-11
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Fiction and RE: From Dahl to Dharma

Primary teachers are a creative bunch! They love to innovate and find new ways to reinvent and reintroduce old concepts (some could argue that we make too much work for ourselves – but don’t tell the DfE!)....
For the classroom 5-11
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Connecting RE and British Values:

Julie Dunbar is Head Teacher at Stretton Handley CE (VC) Primary School in Derbyshire. She wanted all her pupils to connect their work on British Values with their RE and with the values the school promotes. She used...